Band Name
Tribute to Heart

Backing the ladies are 4 professionally seasoned musicians with a dedication to
detail, heard in the subtle nuances and rock solid delivery of their performance. But
this is more than just a band playing Heart’s music; it’s a tribute to Heart’s history,
writing, arranging, musicianship and a nod to their appearance as well. The set list
covers Heart from the beginnings as a recording act, into their biggest successes and
just about everything in between.
With Heart’s 2013 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame a reinsurance of the
groups undeniable list of hits has been spreading and demand for the seeing the
group perform has never been higher. Barracuda is the most accurate
representation of Heart to date…delighting audiences from coast to coast in North
America with what is the essential tribute to one of the best rock bands of our time.
Barracuda’s lineup includes: Donna Caruk (Vocals, Flute, and Guitar),
Brenda Kashmir (Vocals, Guitars, and Mandolin), Bob Mcintosh (Bass),
Curtis Lieppi (Drums) , Ray Roper (Guitars, Keys and Vocals) and
Adam Wawzonek (Guitars, Keys and Vocals)

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