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jeremy Dallas

Jeremy Dallas was born and raised in a small town in Prince Edward Island with a population of less than 50. Music runs in his blood as many of his family are accomplished musicians. All of his life he has been around music and it is rumoured that he may have been born singing. From the early age of 11, he dreamt of playing his guitar for fans all over the world. He sat in his bedroom for 3 days straight and came out knowing how to play every song from his fathers top40 band. It wasn’t long after this that he began sitting in with his fathers band.

Jeremy made his mark in Prince Edward Island playing at many different events around the Island including anything from entertaining on the Ferry lines from Borden/Carleton to singing for local communities Ceilidh’s from one tip to the other. At the age of 16, Jeremy moved to Alberta and began a new adventure in life. Guitar in hand, the thirst of playing for anyone wanting to hear his music became unbearable and he began his Alberta music career.

Starting off in playing small venues seating 50 people, Jeremy began making his footprints in the Alberta music industry. Since his start, his determination and hard work has put him in front of crowds in excess of 18,000 or more. Some highlights include:

Ranchmans Cookhouse and Dancehall 2016 Headlining Act Stampede
Edson Slow Pitch Tournament 2015 opening up for Wide Mouth Mason
Rocky Mountain House Professional Rodeo 2015/2016

Since playing these venues, his dedication to his craft has put him on his way to becoming one of the most respected names in the music industry. Impressing talent buyers and industry professionals throughout his career has become an addiction. Watch for Jeremy Dallas’ new single, Under The Radar, to be released to radio World Wide in early 2017.
Jeremy has worked with some of the most respected industry names to complete his first single in one of Canada’s most renowned music studios today, OCL Studios. His producer, Matty McKay of Matty McKay Productions, also a member of Canada’s pride, Brett Kissel, is producing Jeremy Dallas’ first release.

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