Band Name
The Vidos

The Vidos are an independent rock band from Vancouver, British Columbia. The group consists of Nolan Nielsen (drums, vocals), Brett Hornall (Lead vocals, bass), and Kirk Musfelt (guitar, vocals), formed in 2011.

Within a year and a half, the band self-recorded and released an album of demos from Kirk’s attic. The majority of the album was recorded with an electric drum kit, with the only acoustic-kit song being “Again and Again” (frustrated with the sound quality of the electric kit, the band took the drum track from a promotional demo that they had recorded 8 months prior). Also notable about this song is the vocal track, which was recorded by putting a small microphone inside a toaster, which was then sung into. Dubbed “2012”, the album contains a number of songs that are used in the soundtrack for Jack McQuistin’s independent film, “The Next Step.”

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