Band Name
Wise Youngblood

Reigning from just outside of Vancouver, BC, Wise Youngblood are a Rock’n’Roll band showing everyone that if they think rock is dead, they are dead wrong. With a hard rock sound that takes inspiration from the west coast grunge of the 90’s, they are reminding everyone that Rock music lives on. With the release of their “Desert Wake” EP featuring the hit single Pyromaniac, Wise Youngblood has generated positive reviews as well as showcased their strong live performance by opening for and sharing stages with bands such as Monster Truck, One bad Son, The Wild!, Diamonds, and Aviator Shades.

Wise Youngblood consists of frontman Kyle Stephen, who possesses a dynamic vocal range that’s been compared to the likes of the Misfit’s Glenn Danzig and the Cult’s Ian Astbury. On guitar and bass, they have cousins Andrew Harper and Dave Buchanan, who simultaneously deliver driving lead parts to every song they play, familiar to Tony Iomi and Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath. Rounding out the foundation of the rhythm section is drummer Myles Nowik. Myles day in and day out plays technical, intricate drums fills, while building the backbone of the bands sound with his classic rock and jazz background.

“Desert Wake” EP is out now and available on all digital retailers such as Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, etc.

“These young men are dreamers. And they have the loud and proud, hard rock chops to make their dream significant beyond itself.
You’ve got to respect that.” – DC Larson, Iowa, USA

“Wise Youngblood have an old school rock sound while interjecting a modern twist to create a truly special EP.” – “Desert Wake” EP Review – From The Depths Entertainment

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