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Zoo Lion

It’s been a busy few years for Calgary-based rockers Zoo Lion.

October 2011 marks the drop of their new EP Black Rhino, which features six songs that showcase what the band brings to the table – from hard rock to folk-rock fusions.
The four-piece placed third at Toronto Indie Week 2011 in October, and made the trip out east again for three showcases at CMW 2012.

Zoo Lion ranked second in 2011 FFWD Magazine Best of Calgary poll in the local band category.

They got to rock out the Saddledome stage at a sold-out stadium show when they opened for Bon Jovi in July 2010.

Joining forces in 2007, Zoo Lion has found chemistry that has synchronized into their own sound in Calgary’s growing rock scene.

Born and raised prairie boys, the band is comprised of Craig Aikman(vocals and guitar), Matt Tysowski(bass), Mark Heit(guitar), and Tyler Reimer(drums).
Zoo Lion unleashed their second album, entitled Nothing Automatic, in April 2010 to follow up on their successful debut album Telling Your People(2008). All three albums were produced by Aaron Nordean and Shawn Penner from District Four Studios in Vancouver, BC.

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