The Barefoot Kings


The Barefoot Kings are an up-vibe fun band creating soul-shake-able tunes drawing upon infectious grooves from the roots-rock-and-roll of your backyard to the reggae-ska-soca-soukous-and-roll from around the world.

Celebrating life with their own form of “music therapy” every chance they get, the band’s songs and the high-powered energy of their live show are meticulously designed to pick you up out of the gutters of life’s great bowling lane and ceremoniously transport you to the paradisiacal climes of your true inner fiesta child, baby.

"It's impossible not to be swept up in the carefree nature of this fresh-sounding slate of tunes. A signature style? Diversity is the key - the guys deftly weave together threads of rock, folk, and roots. Inject a touch of reggae, and you come close to pinpointing their unmistakable sound."~ Red Deer Express.


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