Johnny Don't


Often described as one of Saskatchewan’s greatest up-and-coming acts, Johnny Don’t is a group with an extraordinary talent for blending various musical styles with outrageous witty humour. Together, Mike Colli, Graham Templeman, Dave Postnikoff, Jesse Dawson and Sauvelum Mclean have created a musical repertoire that keeps their crowds thoroughly entertained. With their well crafted sense for lyric and infectious melodies, it is very easy to find a Johnny Don’t song stuck in your head.

The skillful delivery of their music is what makes Johnny Don’t stand out. Constantly interacting with their audience, they bring a “no inhibitions” clause to their stage show. In fact more often than not, Johnny Don’t offers just as much comedy to their show as they do music. With satirical song writing and impeccable timing, Johnny Don’t always offers up an incredible action packed, high energy party that always leaves their audience with a night to remember.

In 2010, Johnny Don’t unveiled their debut CD “THE FULL CITY”, an album which brilliantly captures the eccentricities of this band in it’s early years. Since that time Johnny Don’t has developed from a 2 man band into a 5 piece and with that came a whole world of possibilities to explore. With new musicians came funk, jazz and R&B influences and with each new song they wrote they quickly matured into a band that simply can’t go unnoticed.

For their second release, Johnny Don’t teamed up with producer Ryan Andersen (Thornley, Hinder, Santana, Nickelback) and spent a year in the studio recording their new album “SEX BARBEQUE”, which the band released summer 2015.


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