Ultimate Media Marketing Package

Spotify Monthly Listener Growth

Are you maximizing your control over your Spotify Artists account?
Have you ever wanted to reach more monthly listeners on Spotify? Now it’s more important than ever. Let us help you overhaul your Spotify Branding and present the best possible version of you and your music so you can watch your listeners increase and keep the momentum going.

facebook/insta ads

When was the last time you really took a look at what you’re doing on your socials? Are you reaching the full potential audience for your brand? Targeted ads to people who already listen to your kind of music is essential. So many possibilities. Let us help you reach your new fans that don’t know about you yet.

Spotify/apple Streaming Profile Overhaul

Somewhat a repeat of number one but so very important. What you present to the world is what potential fans will use to decide if they wanna give you and your music a chance. We’re here to help maximize your artist profiles. We do work with several other social platforms as well. This includes radio.

Website review & evaluation

A website is a must. A working functional and appealing website is even more of a must! Is your website working for you? We will evaluate and let you know areas that may benefit from some TLC. A well oiled machine of a website is as important as the music itself.

Lyric Video For Selected Song

Make your next release pop with a Lyric video. Video content is so essential, especially now when screen time and online time is critical to how people are receiving their dose of entertainment.

Youtube is another platform you need to have a strong presence on . We could also help with this.

Consultation → $75/hr

We will work with you to customize your upcoming release or to rejuvenate a past release that maybe didn’t get the love it needed. Let us help you give your music a jumpstart so you can hit the ground running!

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